The Lawrence Police Department documents crimes, accidents and other important incidents that occur within the city limits of Lawrence, Kansas. If you are a witness to or are the victim of a crime you may report it to the Lawrence Police Department.

If the crime is very recent, if the offender is still present, or if there is evidence to be collected, in most cases an officer will be dispatched to your location to investigate.

Based on the nature of the incident some reports may be made by telephone. It is also possible to contact an officer in person at the Law Enforcement Center.

This website contains answers to questions frequently received over the phone. If you do not find an answer to your question within this website, feel free to contact Teleserve during the hours listed above at (785) 832-7559.

How can I get a copy of a police report?

You may make a written request by mailing in your request to:

                Lawrence Police Department Records Division

                111 East 11th

                Lawrence, KS  66044

Or you may visit the Records Division at this address and fill out a request form.  Requests for police reports that are processed through the Records Division incur a $5.00 fee for the first ten pages and $.25 for each additional page that must be paid in advance.  If you wish to request a report via U.S. mail, please call the Records Division at (785) 832-7501 to determine the cost of processing your request.  You will need to include a check in that amount plus a self-addressed and stamped envelope with your mailed request.  Reports cannot be sent via fax or email.   A minimum of three business days is required to process each request.

What if my report is not available online?

Police reports are generally not available until ten days from the date of the incident or accident.  If your report does not appear after that time, call the Lawrence Police Department Records Division at (785) 832-7501, Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm.

**Please note:  There are police reports that are not available due to the nature of a reported incident.  These types of crimes can include:  Sex Crimes, Child in Need of Care, Child Abuse, Domestic Violence, and all other types of incidents considered mandatorily closed under Kansas Statutes.  If you cannot access your report online, call the Lawrence Police Department Records Division at (785) 832-7501 and ask to speak to the Records Custodian.