City Commission agenda item, December 2008

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Arterial street speed limits
Preferred alignment
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Study session materials

City/County Commission Study Session 11/10/08

The City and County commissions will meet in a joint study session at the County Courthouse on Mon., Nov. 11, 2008 to discuss the 31st street project.

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Steering committee review, open house and survey results

The steering committee will meet in mid-October to discuss feedback from the Open House in September and the 31st Improvement survey results. Surveys must be turned in by October 8th, 2008, to be included in that discussion.

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31st Improvement Survey

Current information

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Steering Committee Members memo

Draft scope of services

Memo on expansion of the study area

Steering committee presentation

Project Details

In 2006 the City was informed of an $800,000 earmark for the construction of 31st Street from Haskell Avenue to O’Connell Road. The earmark does not have any conditions attached; essentially this means the funds can be used for preliminary engineering (design), right-of-way acquisition, and construction. The project will be administered by KDOT. KDOT can "charge" a 1% administration cost, leaving the total amount available at $792,000.

The city submitted a Request for Construction Project on June 15, 2006 to initiate the project. The project does have a schedule with a tentative letting of October 2008; however, we have to have the project complete in ten years so the letting date could be moved.

Community input

The city’s consultant will develop public participation opportunities as the corridor development begins. In the mean time, please sign up to receive e-mail notification of relevant meetings or notices and/or complete the feedback form.

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  • Execute City-State Agreement – complete
  • Begin consultant selection process – City Commission approved April 24, 2007.
  • Consultant selection: The City received nine proposals from engineering firms for this project. Four firms were interviewed: TranSystems, Professional Engineering Consultants, Wilson & Co., and Affinis. The interview panel included: Brad Finkleldei from the MPO; Michael Caron from "Save the Wakarusa Wetlands"; Keith Browning, Douglas County Engineer; Shoeb Uddin, City Engineer; and Chuck Soules, Director of Public Works. Firms were evaluated based on their project understanding and approach, work elements and sequencing, experience and qualifications, public participation, and environmental awareness.
  • Wilson & Co was selected for professional engineering services for 31st Street, Haskell Avenue to O’Connell Road corridor development.
  • Meet with City Manager and City Commission to discuss 31st Street Study and goals for project
  • Public process
  • Field Check Plan
  • Property acquisition
  • Pending funding:
    • Proceed to final plan
    • Bid/construct