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Project Background

November 2008 Voters passed 0.3% sales tax for infrastructure and equipment
June 27, 2009 Presented to City Commission, 2009 Street Maintenance Program and Sales Tax Projects
May 5, 2009 Received City Commission approval to begin negotiations for engineering services with Bartlett and West (B&W)
June 3, 2009 Memo to the City Manager with project details (memo 1.6MB pdf)
June 30, 2009 Public Meeting, Holcom Recreation Center, 6:00 p.m. (postcard 27KB pdf)

Project Description

Kasold Drive, from 31st Street to Clinton Parkway, is a failing arterial street carrying 15,000+ vehicles a day. This street section contains sidewalks, recreational path, stormsewer, and a water main all in good condition. We anticipate saving as much of these improvements as practical. The pavement will be replaced with 10" concrete and the sidewalk and recreational path will be connected around the curve to 31st Street to provide a continuous pedestrian and bike facility. The need for turn lanes and medians will be reviewed during the design process. Traffic control will probably be the most significant issue as several neighborhoods have only a single exit access onto Kasold.
Memo outlining some of project options

Project Schedule

Plans complete early 2010
Bid spring 2010
Construction spring 2010 – 2011

Contract Scope

This project does have KDOT funding so plans and specifications are significant. The scope of work includes:

Preliminary plans, field check plans, office check plans and final plans
Quantities are developed for all pay items
Traffic control
Utility coordination
Public meeting and commission presentation
Erosion control
Storm sewer design
Easement and right a way descriptions (if needed)

Construction Cost

This project as compared to Kasold from Bob Billings Parkway (BBP) to 22nd Street does not include the waterline replacement or retaining wall or multiuse path construction. However this project contains approximately 2000 linear feet (at 55 feet wide) of additional pavement, 1000 feet of multiuse path, 1500 feet of sidewalk, and approximately 1000 linear feet of additional storm sewer. This comparison provides a preliminary estimate of the Kasold, 23rd Street to 31st Street of approximately $5.5 million.