The Stormwater Engineering Division was created in 1996 to manage the stormwater utility and to implement other recommendations of the Stormwater Management Master Plan. Stormwater Utility fees are charged to all landowners based on impervious surfaces on each property. The resulting revenue supports system reconstruction projects, system maintenance, development review and pollution prevention measures.

General Information

Stormwater Management Master Plan
View the 1996 Stormwater Management Master Plan.
Addendum to Stormwater Management Criteria
View the 1996 Stormwater Management Criteria.
North Lawrence Drainage Study, 2005
View the 2005 North Lawrence Drainage Study.
City of Lawrence Watershed Map
View a map identifying the different watersheds with in the City of Lawrence.
Baker Wetlands
See maps of the different watersheds that drain into the Baker Wetlands.
Revenue Summary
View a summary of stormwater utility fees collected.
Construction Projects
Find out about stormwater construction projects in the Lawrence area.
Stormwater Pollution Prevention
Find out about stormwater pollution, what the City of Lawrence is doing to fight it, and what you can do to help.
Flood Safety Tips
Know your risk and know what to do in the event of a flood
Kansas Stormwater Webpage
Find out information on the Federal NPDES Phase II program and what you can do to keep our City’s stormwater clean.
Take A Tour
Take a self-guided tour of some stormwater information sites in Lawrence, or check out some recent photos.
Frequently Asked Questions
Get answers to your questions about the stormwater program.
Rain Barrel Resources
Rain Barrel Instructions
2015 Rain Barrel Workshop
How to Create a Rain Barrel
Rain Garden Resources
Rain Garden powerpoint presentation
Rain Garden Resources, Kansas City

Yard waste and fall leaves

Help keep leaves out of the storm sewer
Leaves and yard waste management