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Tips for motorists, pedestrians and bicyclists.

Street-Smart Bicyclist

  1. Obey the rules of the road: Follow the rules of the road and obey all traffic laws.  Bicyclists are subject to all the same duties that are applicable to drivers.
    • Don’t run red lights or stop signs.
    • Don’t ride at night without proper front head lamp lighting.
    • It is unlawful to ride a bicycle on Downtown Lawrence sidewalks.
    • Yield to pedestrians.

hand signals

  1. Ride with traffic: Ride as near to the right side of the roadway as practical except wherever a usable path has been provided adjacent to the roadway, bicycle riders shall use such path and not the roadway. Follow lane markings, do not turn left from the right lane, and do not ride straight through from a right turn-only lane.
  2. Bicyclists are encouraged to wear an approved helmet.  Always wear a proper fitting helmet in good condition.  Parents should set a good example by wearing their helmets.  Always wear a properly-fitted helmet. No matter how safely you ride, crashes can still happen. Bicyclists 15 years or younger are required to ride with a helmet
  3. Ride in a straight line, be consistent in your riding, always look and signal prior to turning.
  4. Signal turns: Always use hand signals to draw the driver’s attention.
  5. Ride single file in traffic except when passing others.
  6. Be visible and predictable. Do not jump back and forth from the sidewalk and the roadway and do not weave in and out of parked/stopped cars.
  7. Use lights at night: Kansas Law requires a front head lamp with white light visible from 500’ and a rear red reflector visible from 100 to 600’ when riding after dusk.  In addition a lamp emitting a red light or flashing red light from the rear may be used.
  8. Do not ride on sidewalks in Downtown Lawrence: It is unlawful to ride a bicycle on downtown area sidewalks and parking lots (City Ord. 17-702.1)
  9. Children on bicycles and on foot are often unpredictable in their actions. Expect the unexpected.
  10. Think ahead.  Ride defensively.  Anticipate drivers’ actions.  Establish eye contact.
  11. Keep at least one hand on the handle bars at all times.
  12. Do not ride with headphones.  You cannot hear traffic, trains, emergency vehicles or other warnings.
  13. Bikes should be parked in bike racks or at parking meter adapters. Bikes should not be attached to trees, fire hydrants, traffic control devices, street lights, utility poles, or parking meter posts serving a space designated for disabled parking. Don’t park bicycles in the path of pedestrians or vehicles on streets, alleys, or sidewalks.  They must not obstruct or restrict access to handrails or ramps.
  14. It is the duty of every bicyclist to make a report to the police department when such bicycle is involved in an accident resulting in injuries to any person or property damage exceeding $50.00.