The City Manager and City Commission have identified the development of a Strategic Plan for the City of Lawrence as a key priority. A Strategic Plan is a document that outlines a systematic process for moving toward a vision in a manner that involves the development and prioritization of strategic goals along with measurable strategies and objectives. The city does not currently have a Strategic Plan.

The planning process is expected to conclude in March 2017, ahead of the 2018 budget deliberations.

Why is a strategic plan necessary?

The city regularly uses planning tools like the Comprehensive Plan to guide the city’s growth in housing, transportation and land use. A Strategic Plan, when combined with other planning documents and community feedback, sets a clear path for moving a community forward. If the Strategic Plan is used accordingly, the plan will drive the budget discussions each year and ensure that projects, programs and services are aligned with the Strategic Plan’s set goals and outcomes. Once the Strategic Plan is complete, a comprehensive set of performance measures can be developed which ensures public funds are being used to meet community goals and priorities. Get involved with the Strategic Planning process to help set our vision and goals for the future!

Strategic Planning Retreat

The Mayor, City Commissioners, City Manager and senior city staff members participated in a two-day Strategic Planning Retreat on January 13th and 14th to establish a framework for the City’s Strategic Plan. The retreat was held at the Bioscience and Technology Business Center on the University of Kansas west campus and was facilitated by Julia Novak and Michelle Ferguson of The Novak Consulting Group. The proposed framework includes a Vision Statement and seven Critical Success Factors that are essential to achieving that vision in the future.

Lawrence residents and city employees, thank you for your input at the public meetings and online. Comments and input will be shared with the City Commission at the next Strategic Planning Retreat that will be held on Monday, February 20th from 9 AM to 3 PM at the Bioscience and Technology Business Center.

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