We are committed to providing excellent City services that enhance the quality of life for the Lawrence Community


The City of Lawrence—supporting an unmistakably vibrant community with innovative, equitable, transparent and responsible local government.

Organizational Values

  • Character
  • Competence
  • Courage
  • Collaboration
  • Commitment

Critical Success Factors (CSF)

During the strategic planning process the City Commission developed seven (7) Critical Success Factors. These are the elements that must go right for the community to be successful. The factors are listed below with a brief definition. 

  • Effective Governance and Professional Administration
    • The City effectively and collaboratively plans and prioritizes in a transparent manner to efficiently move the community forward. We clearly communicate, and boldly and professionally implement using sound leadership and relevant best practices. 
  • Safe, Healthy and Welcoming Neighborhoods
    • All people in Lawrence live in neighborhoods that provide opportunities to lead a healthy lifestyle through good neighborhood design with access to safe and affordable housing and other services that help them meet their basic needs. The diverse and unique features of our neighborhoods are celebrated, creating a stronger community as a whole.
  • Innovative Infrastructure and Asset Management 
    • The City of Lawrence has well-maintained, functional and efficient infrastructure, facilities and assets, and supports accessible, sustainable transportation options. We are innovative and forward thinking to meet community needs while preserving our natural and historic resources. 
  • Commitment to Core Services
    • Core municipal services reflect legal mandates and the City’s commitment to meet health, safety and welfare needs and maintain assets while adapting service levels to meet evolving community expectations. 
  • Sound Fiscal Stewardship
    • The City provides easy access to relevant, accurate data for budgeting and decision making. Decisions are made by prioritizing across all government services considering needs, balanced with available resources, using fiscal policies based on industry best practice to ensure decisions reflect the current and long term impact. 
  • Collaborative Solutions
    • The City of Lawrence actively seeks opportunities to leverage partnerships in order to enhance service delivery and quality of life in the most fiscally sound and responsible manner. 
  • Economic Growth and Security
    • The City of Lawrence fosters an environment that provides both individuals and businesses the opportunity for economic security and empowers people’s ability to thrive. Our community succeeds because of individual prosperity and a vibrant, sustainable local economy.

Priority Initiatives

  • Inventory and evaluate the role of existing advisory boards and commissions, identify opportunities to consolidate or sunset as appropriate, and adopt consistent operating guidelines
    Advisory Board Dashboard
  • Review City’s practices for ongoing professional development and align efforts to achieve excellence around the Commission’s priorities
    Professional Development Dashboard
  • Identify barriers to having high-speed fiber throughout Lawrence and facilitate the development of the necessary infrastructure by the private sector
    High-speed Fiber Dashboard
  • Review 9th street plans and develop a proposal to complete the road infrastructure and determine ability to add creative and artistic elements
    9th Street Dashboard
  • Develop a City facility master plan and comprehensive facility maintenance plan
    Facilities Master Plan Dashboard
  • Develop a plan to implement priority based budgeting and enhance communication in the annual budget process
    Budget Process Dashboard
  • Develop and communicate a long-term financial strategy
    Long-term Financial Strategy Dashboard
  • Develop a master plan for Downtown that includes needed and desirable assets, infrastructure, and uses
    Master Plan Page | Master Plan Dashboard

Strategic Plan Dashboard

Staff will bring forward progress reports every four (4) months to update the City Commission on both the Critical Success Factors as well as the Priority Initiatives. Prior to each progress report, each performance indicator and priority initiative will be updated based on progress made during the reporting period.


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