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Workshops cancelled during the week of February 4 will be rescheduled and additional public input opportunities will be added to the process.

Background: Through the City’s strategic planning process, the City Commission identified a priority initiative of creating a Downtown Master Plan that includes identifying needed and desirable assets, identifying existing infrastructure and uses, and discovering potential uses and obstacles in response to the critical success factor of Economic Growth and Security. The desire is to create a sustainable plan that recognizes the existing successful nature of downtown and enhances downtown by incorporating innovative and creative initiatives through intensive stakeholder and community input.

The plan will explore all elements of a master plan including, but not limited to, land use relationships, opportunities for development and redevelopment, programming of public space, landscaping, transportation, infrastructure and streetscape, with a heavy emphasis on cultural and historical resources and activities.

Houseal Lavigne Associates (HLA) was selected through a Request for Proposals (RFP) process to be the city’s consultant on the plan. Please visit the project website for more information on the process and ways to get involved.

For information regarding the Downtown Master Plan Steering Committee, please visit their page.

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