Citizen Advisory Groups

The city relies heavily on input from its citizens.

There are dozens of boards to choose from, but these are the most directly related to the city’s sustainability efforts.

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Advisory board

Members of the Sustainability Advisory Board host an informational table at the Annual Earth Day Fair. Volunteer citizen advisory groups are key partners in supporting the city’s sustainability progress.

Sustainability Advisory Board

The mission of the SAB is to promote environmental protection, and advocate for policies which support sustainability (including environmental protection, waste reduction, recycling, energy conservation and natural resource conservation) in the City of Lawrence and to enhance the quality of life by enhancing the City’s efforts in these areas.


Climate Protection Task Force

The Mayor’s Task Force on Climate Protection was appointed in February, 2008, to create a Climate Protection Plan. The  Climate Protection Plan was submitted to the City Commission in 2009, and outlines a greenhouse gas emissions reduction goal for the City.


Bicycle Advisory Committee

This group provides a communication linkage between the city and County Commissions and the community on bicycling related issues.


Peak Oil Task Force

The Peak Oil Task Force Final Report was presented to the City Commission September 2011. The Task Force was appointed in September 2008 to develop a response plan in active consultation with the community that will address both a sudden crisis-related reduction of fossil fuels and a long term depletion of fossil fuels.


Public Transit Advisory Committee

This Board advises on all matters regarding on the City public transit system, such as proposed routes, service changes, ridership policies, fare structures, funding and budgets.


Douglas County Food Policy Council

The FPC will serve as a forum for discussion and coordination for community-wide efforts to improve the Douglas County community’s access to local food supply and distribution networks.


Solid Waste Task Force

The Solid Waste Task Force (SWTF) developed recommendations to the Lawrence City Commission regarding the long-term solid waste options for the citizens of Lawrence.