Exchange a Cart or Receive Additional Carts

Residents who wish to switch to a different cart size or receive additional trash carts may call the Solid Waste Division at (785) 832-3032 or fill out this online form.

65 Gallon Cart The City’s Solid Waste Division collects trash from residential customers on a weekly basis. In 2012 single-family residences received trash carts provided by the city.

The City Commission authorized the purchase of the carts in August 2012. Moving to a standard cart system was one of the recommendations from the city’s Solid Waste Task Force, a group of community members who studied the city’s solid waste system and made recommendations for the future of the program.

Ultimately, the City Commission decided that carts offered many benefits to customers and to city solid waste employees.


The primary factor in moving to a standard cart system is employee safety. In 2010 and 2011, over half of the city’s worker’s compensation claims were from the Solid Waste Division. Each day, solid waste loaders visit approximately 475 households and lift an average of 7,500-pounds of trash. Worker’s safety is a top priority for the city and carts can decrease the strain on an employee’s body by allowing the trash truck to do the heavy lifting. The city’s current fleet of trash trucks is already equipped with tippers that lift and dump carts. Carts are beneficial for customers since standard carts are durable, weatherproof and are equipped with wheels to move the cart easily.

“With the carts, we do not have to physically lift the carts into the trucks,” said Duane LaFrenz, a solid waste loader for the city. “The carts can weigh 100-pounds or more. With the new carts, all we have to do is pull the cart to the truck, hook it on the lift mechanism and pull a lever. The truck lifts the cart and unloads the trash. We didn’t have to lift a thing.”

Cart Size Options

  • 95 Gallon Cart
    • A 95-gallon cart is the right size for larger households, 4 or more, and those who don’t recycle on a regular basis. Generally, 6 or more standard-size kitchen trash bags would fit in a 95-gallon cart.  The monthly solid waste fee for the 95-gallon cart is $20.25.
  • 65 Gallon Cart
    • A 65-gallon cart is the right size for a small household, 2-to-4 people, who moderately recycle. Generally, up to 4 standard-size kitchen trash bags would fit in a 65-gallon cart.  The monthly solid waste fee for the standard 65-gallon cart is $18.25.
  • 35 Gallon Cart
    • A 35-gallon cart is the right size for a small household, 1-to-2 people and active recyclers. Generally, up to 2 standard-size kitchen trash bags would fit in a 35-gallon cart.  The monthly solid waste fee for the 35-gallon cart is $16.75.


Q. Are the trash carts the city’s property? Will the city complete any necessary repairs to these carts?
A. Yes. Please do not take the trash cart with you when you move to a different address. Trash carts are the property of the city and each cart should stay at the address it was delivered. The city is responsible for the maintenance and repair of the trash carts. However, the city will charge the owner or occupant a fee for any necessary repair or replacement due to the owner’s or occupant’s abuse, misuse or neglect of the cart. The replacement fee for each trash cart is $50.00.

Q. Can I request a different size cart or additional carts at any time?
A. Yes. Please complete this online form or call the Solid Waste Division at 832-3032. The City will provide one cart size change per address (owner/occupant) per calendar year free of charge. The City will charge a $20.00 service fee for any additional requests to change cart sizes. Additional trash carts are available for rent, as follows: 95-gallon carts are each $4.50 per month, 65-gallon carts are each $3.50 per month.

Q. If I put out more trash than can fit in my cart, will I be charged for the extra trash?
A. All trash needs to be placed in the trash cart for collection. There may be a couple of special occasions each year (family reunion, holidays, etc.) when you may have an additional trash bag that does not fit in the cart. Your extra trash bag will be picked up the first time and the second time. During the second overflow event, city crews will leave a tag on your trash cart. The third time, the city will switch the cart for a better size for your residence. You may always call the Solid Waste Division at 832-3032 to discuss any unusual situation.

Q. Can I use my trash cart to set out recyclable material or yard waste.

A. No. Please use the blue recycling cart for recyclable material set-out. If you need an additional 95-gallon blue recycling cart, fill out this online form. Please use compostable paper yard waste bags and yard waste carts sold by the City for yard waste set out. Bundles of brush also accepted. Visit our Curbside Collection of Yard Waste page, for more information.

Q. What services are provided by my monthly fee for solid waste?
A. Your monthly solid waste fee pays for trash and single-stream recycling collection, separate yard waste collection on Mondays, bulk item pick-up, household hazardous waste disposal services, city drop-off recycling locations, and other solid waste services.

Q: What if I need help finding a place for the cart in my garage?
A: Contact the Solid Waste Division at (785) 832-3032 and we will send a staff member to your residence to talk about placement and help you find the best location for your trash cart.

Q: What if I cannot move my trash to the curb?
A: Contact the Solid Waste Division at (785) 832-3032 and we will ask one of our supervisors to assess how to best help you.

Q: What are the dimensions of the new trash carts?
A: Height x Depth x Width (in inches)

95-gallon cart dimensions are:
45.1″ x 33.7″ x 28.7″
65-gallon cart dimensions are:
40.5″ x 28.1″ x 26.7″
35-gallon cart dimensions are:
39.1″ x 22.9″ x 20.2″