The next Lawrence Electronic Recycling Event will be scheduled in SPRING 2018.


There are local and regional options for electronic recycling, in the meantime. You may check these options on our Recyclable Materials Directory at


The decreasing availability of area electronic recycling vendors and cost effectiveness of those still in business has become challenging for the City of Lawrence to coordinate these events, taking into consideration the ever-changing global recycling markets.

Other recycling options

For those residents with electronic waste ready to be recycled, the City has listed all area recycling options on the Recyclable Materials Directory. We most often refer customers to the businesses below.

 *Note: Disposal fees, quantity limits, and restrictions may apply. Check with the business beforehand. Most commonly charged fee, CRT TVs & computer monitors.*


Best Buy, 843-0657

Goodwill (computers only, working or not working), 331-3908

Office Depot, 841-6688

UNI Computers, 841-4611

Kansas City Metro:

Midwest Recycling Center, (816) 785-7385

Surplus Exchange, (816) 472-0444


Asset Lifecycle, (785) 861-3100

For batteries, please recycle at 12th & Haskell Recycling Center. Drop-off kiosks in store entryways exist at Best Buy for chords and rechargeable batteries, as well as Home Depot for compact fluorescent lightbulbs. For Lawrence residents with large appliances (refrigerators, AC units, dehumidifiers) request a residential special item pickup service – metals are recycled.

Event Reports

Click here to read the Fall 2016 Electronic Recycling Event Report.

Previous Event Totals (2008-2016)

The numbers in the table below reflect totals from two electronic recycling events per year. Included is the total weight of electronics collected and the number of vehicles that participated each year. In parenthesis are totals from events that also collected paper for shredding.


Year Pounds Vehicles
2016 152,683 (31,300) 1,778
2015 138,849 1,535
2014 87,772 1,054
2013 155,896 (27,400) 1,582
2012 91,981 1,149
2011 85,165 1,163
2010 114,285 1,232
2009 116,712 1,202
2008 112,647 1,189
Total 1,055,990 (58,700) 11,884