Frequently Asked Questions

Trash Collection

When is residential trash picked up if there is a holiday?
What time should I have my trash set out, where do I set it and what happens if my trash is missed?
What do I do with large or bulky trash items, like a couch or refrigerator?
What items are prohibited from your household trash?
How do I dispose of construction waste?
What landfill does the city use for trash?

Recycling & Reuse

Where can I take old clothing, household furniture and building materials for reuse or recycling?
Is curbside recycling service available in Lawrence?
What is single-stream curbside recycling?
Where in Lawrence can I drop off materials for recycling?
Does the City provide any recycling services for businesses?
Is there a directory of local recycling and reuse opportunities?
How can I be reminded of my trash, recycling, and yard waste collection days?

Hazardous Waste & Electronics

Where can I recycle electronics such as computers and televisions?
Where can I dispose of or recycle small appliances, like toasters and microwaves?
Where can I recycle burned out fluorescent, HID, neon or other mercury containing lamps?
What should I do if I break a fluorescent light bulb in my home?
How can I dispose of excess or expired medications and pharmaceuticals?
How can I dispose of used motor oil, leftover paint, cleaners, solvents, pesticides, batteries and other household hazardous waste?
As a small business, what are my options for hazardous waste disposal?
Where can I obtain free paint and household cleaners?

Yard Waste & Composting

Does the City pick up yard trimmings (grass, leaves and small woody debris) from my curb?
What can I do with brush and trimmed tree limbs?
How can I recycle my Christmas tree?
Does the City distribute the compost it makes from yard trimmings?

Outreach & Education

Does the City’s Solid Waste Division offer educational opportunities for youth and adults?