Reduce the amount of yard waste from your residence by mulch mowing and backyard composting. If you simply have too much yard waste to manage at home, there are two options for Lawrence residents:

  1. Drop off yard waste at the Compost Facility on Saturdays. For details, click here.
  2. Set out yard waste at the curb or alley for Solid Waste Division crews to collect. Details below.

Yard Waste Collection Service (guidelines took effect May 1, 2017)

  • Weekly collection on same day as the customer’s trash day. Set out by 6:00 a.m.
  • Year-round collection (as winter weather permits).
  • Approved set-out containers: compostable paper yard waste bags and 95-gallon brown yard waste carts sold by the City.
    • Compostable yard waste bags are strong, double-ply paper bags with a “wet strength” meant specifically for yard waste. They are usually 30 gallons capacity and sold in packs of five, available at local retailers.
    • 95-gallon brown yard waste carts specifically designed with vents to prevent strong odors from stored yard waste materials are available for purchase from the City (online purchase form). Payment options: $60+tax one-time fee, $10+tax per month for 6 months, and $5+tax per month for 12 months. Fee added on customer’s City utility bill and the cart is delivered to the residence. The City will provide cart maintenance as needed.
  • Bundles of brush also accepted. Must not exceed 5 feet in length and 18 inches in diameter and must not weigh more than 65 pounds. Bundles must be tied with string or twine (no wire, duct tape, etc.).
  • Do not place yard waste in plastic bags, green trash carts, blue recycling carts, or in personal cans/carts.

Holiday Schedule

View the holiday collection schedule here.