Three ways to handle your yard waste: 1) Mulch Mow; 2) Compost; 3) City Collection

If you do not mulch mow nor compost your yard waste at home, or simply have too much to manage, the City of Lawrence will pick it up on Mondays, starting Monday, February 27th. Grass, leaves and woody debris should be set out by 6:00am Monday mornings in a can, City trash or yard waste cart (NO recycling carts) or compostable paper yard waste bag. Bundles of tree and brush trimmings are also accepted. Each bundle must not exceed 5 feet in length nor 18 inches in diameter and must not weigh more than 65 pounds. Bundles must be tied with string or twine (please no wire, duct tape, etc.).

Plastic bags may not be used to contain grass and leaves, per chapter 9 of the City Code. Note that grass and leaves are NOT collected with regular household trash when separate Monday collection is available.

Yard Waste Container Details

Curbside collection of yard waste will continue to allow cans, City carts (trash and yard waste carts ONLY) and compostable paper yard waste bags for material set out, regardless of changes to the collection of solid waste.


No yard waste container should weigh more than 65 pounds, unless it is a wheeled City cart, or have a capacity of more than thirty-five (35) gallons. Yard, shrub, and tree trimmings should not extend more than twelve (12) inches above the top of the container.

City Carts

Give your trash cart double-duty! Fill the empty cart with grass, leaves and brush over the weekend, and use as your yard waste container for Monday collection. After Monday yard waste collection, use the cart for your regular trash collection. Recycling carts CANNOT be used for yard waste collection.

Separate Yard Waste Carts specifically designed with vents to prevent strong odors from stored yard waste materials such as grass, leaves, and brush are available for purchase from the city. These brown carts are for Monday yard waste collection only; no trash, please. These carts cannot be used for recycling or trash, even during the non-collection season (January and February).

“City carts” are roll-out carts provided by the City (trash carts only) or purchased from the City (i.e. yard waste carts). Recycling carts CANNOT be used for yard waste collection.

Compostable Paper Yard Waste Bags

Compostable yard waste bags are strong, double-ply paper bags with a “wet strength” meant specifically for yard waste. They are usually 30 gallons capacity and sold in packs of five, available at local retailers.

Holiday Schedule

View our yearly holiday collection schedule here.

What Not to Collect

When collecting your yard waste for Mondays, be careful not to contaminate them with inorganic debris or the herbicide ingredient Clopyralid (clo-PEER-a-lid), as your yard waste will be composted and then used by both the City and your fellow citizens (for distribution information, click here). Clopyralid is not like other herbicide ingredients in that it does not break down readily during the composting process. Thus it can persist in finished compost and may damage certain garden plants if contaminated compost is heavily applied. If using Clopyralid-containing products, please mulch-mow your clippings; do not set them out for Monday collection. For more information, please see our clopyralid brochure (PDF, 255K).