Tired of Raking and Bagging? Try Mowing!

Mulch mowing simply means mowing your lawn and letting it lay. Not only do grass clippings and leaves help retain moisture, they also return up to 25% of the nutrients back into the soil. By “grass-cycling” properly your lawn will look great and you can save money on fertilizing.

Mulch Mow

Mulch mowing provides a number of benefits for your property:

  • You’ll have a greener lawn because as leaf mulch breaks down, it naturally fertilizes the soil.
  • You’ll have a healthier lawn because leaf mulch improves soil structure and soil biology.
  • It also helps improve drainage and water retention.
  • “Free” mulch protects and enhances your landscape beds. Grass-cycling provides similar benefits for law fertilization and soil health.

Printable Mulch Mow (PDF)