Residential Single-Stream Curbside Recycling

The City’s Solid Waste Division provides a single-stream recycling collection service for single-family and multi-family customers. All residential customers have a 95-gallon blue recycling cart that is picked up every other week on the same day as trash collection. All accepted recyclable materials can be placed in the blue cart.

Customers should rinse all food residue off all recyclables before placing in their recyclable cart. Only dry paper should be placed in carts, and chipboard and cardboard boxes should be flattened.

Many items that are not permitted in the blue recyclable carts can still be recycled by different providers in the Lawrence area.

Plastic bags (shopping bags, sandwich bags, cling wrap) of any kind are NOT accepted in the curbside recycling program. Plastic bags should never be placed in the blue recycling carts, or otherwise mixed with other recyclables. The commingled recyclables will be processed at a material recovery facility (MRF) which is unable to process plastic bags. Plastic bags often become entangled in sorting equipment, causing major equipment damage and downtime problems that add to the cost of the recycling program. Plastic bags may be recycled at most grocery stores in Lawrence. Plastic bag recycling bins are typically located near the store entrance.

Residents with special needs may request a smaller recycling cart (35 or 65-gallon). The City highly recommends that residents try the standard 95-gallon recycling cart before placing an exchange order due to the every-other-week collection schedule for recycling. The City will provide one cart size change per address (owner/occupant) per calendar year, free of charge. The City will charge a $20.00 service fee for any additional requests to change cart sizes. Residents may request additional 95-gallon recycling carts at no additional fee.

Commercial Customer Recycling

Single-Stream Recycling Pilot Program for Downtown Businesses

The final week in May 2018 kicked off the Commercial Single-Stream Recycling Pilot Program for Lawrence Downtown retailers and service providers.

Commercial single-stream recycling service is provided to businesses who have signed up for this fee-based service. Each participating business received a 95-gallon locking-lid cart in which they place their mixed materials (plastic, glass, metal, and paper) for recycling. Businesses were also provided with on-site training and educational materials to help them recycle correctly.

The Pilot Program continues in 2019, and there is still time to sign up to participate for businesses within the boundaries of Downtown Lawrence (core or extended).

Cardboard & Office Paper Recycling

The City provides cardboard and office paper collection for small to medium-sized businesses and schools. Containers and services are provided free of charge. Please call 785-832-3030 for more information.

Commercial Recycling & Food Waste

Single-stream, mixed recycling is currently available in Lawrence through Community Living Opportunities. Once per week or variable pick-up schedules are available. For more information and to sign up, call 785-813-2228.

Food and compostable waste collection service to businesses is currently available in Lawrence through Missouri Organic. For more information and to sign up, call 816-888-7950.

Lawrence Electronic Recycling Event

Since 2008, the City of Lawrence has hosted periodic electronics recycling events, providing customers to drop off their recyclable electronics free of charge. The fall 2018 event was provided by Teknix Solutions, and saw a total of 751 vehicles drop off 62,397 pounds of electronics for recycling.

Event History

The numbers in the table below reflect the totals from two electronics recycling events per year. Events that also collected paper for shredding are in parenthesis.

Year Pounds Vehicles
2018 170,260 1,851
2017 46,962 739
2016 152,683 (31,300) 1,778
2015 138,849 1,535
2014 87,772 1,054
2013 155,896 (27,400) 1,582
2012 91,981 1,149
2011 85,165 1,163
2010 114,285 1,232
2009 116,712 1,202
2008 112,647 1,189
Total 1,273,211 (58,700) 14,474

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