The City of Lawrence begins residential collection service at 6:00 a.m. Please have all trash out by this time on your day of service. Trash is picked up once a week and should be placed within city issued trash cart.


Important Service Information:

  • Residential Trash Collection Guidelines (PDF)
  • NEW online form: To request residential special item pickup service for bulky items, carpet, tires, and construction, remodeling, or building materials, please fill out this online form.
  • Sharps Disposal – Household sharps such as needles should be packaged in a puncture proof container (detergent bottle, coffee can, etc.) with a secure taped lid for trash pick-up. Please label the container “Sharps”. For additional information on disposal of needles and other sharps click here. (PDF)
  • Help us help you keep your neighborhood looking nice! Sawdust, cat litter, sweeping compounds, shredded paper, facial tissues, packaging materials, etc., all blow in the breeze when containers are emptied by the collectors. Please bag these items before putting them out for collection.
  • Please ensure that fireplace ashes are thoroughly cooled before bagging them for collection. It will take several days for a container of hot ashes to cool naturally.
  • Improper disposal of hazardous materials can cause pollution and endanger the health and safety of our Solid Waste employees. Call (785) 832-3030 for proper disposal of and alternatives to toxic products. Click here for more information on household hazardous waste.

Other Collection Services: