View our gallery of informational videos. These cover everything from City solid waste services to tips on recycling and move out.


These videos and more may be found on the City of Lawrence YouTube channel.

Recycling Tips

Knowing what items are acceptable to recycle and those that are not is essential to keeping our community clean and healthy. This video highlights what is acceptable in the City’s single-stream blue recycling cart and what is not (and why). We also provide alternative options for the “no” items, in addition to other helpful tips. Watch the video »

Recycle On The Go

The City of Lawrence launched the “Recycle On The Go” program in March 2015. New recycling bins have been installed along Mass St. for the convenience of pedestrians and local businesses. Watch the video »

New City HHW Facility

A quick look inside the new City of Lawrence Household Hazardous Waste Facility – which moved locations in Spring 2016. Watch the video »

Trash Tips

This video provides tips from Solid Waste Division employees on best practices for trash pick up day, what to leave out of your cart, and more! Watch the video »

Yard Waste Carts

The City of Lawrence offers yard waste carts, which makes the job of loading and unloading easier for both residents and city loaders. Watch the video »

Household Hazardous Waste

Showing what wastes should be disposed of and how to dispose them properly, while also showing what items you can get from this Solid Waste facility. Directions to the facility are provided by staff. Watch the video »

Move Out Waste Reduction Tips

Every summer in Lawrence, people moving between rental properties leave behind unwanted items in the yard or by the curb for the city’s Solid Waste Management crews to pick up. Educating citizens on recycling, reuse, and donation of these items helps foster a cleaner environment, requires less use of landfill, assists the community’s needs, and puts less burden on city resources. Watch the video »

How to Rent a Roll-Off Container

This video walks customers through the process of renting a City of Lawrence roll-off or hook-lift dumpster. These are often rented for demolition and construction projects. Watch the video »

Roll Out of Recycling Carts

The City of Lawrence delivered recycling carts to all residential households in Lawrence in September 2014. Curbside recycling began on October 21, 2014 – visit for information. Watch the video »