Yard Waste Cart Purchase Request Form

Residents who wish to purchase a yard waste cart may fill out an online form. Carts will be delivered to your home upon completion of your order, and are yours to keep. The City will provide maintenance of the carts.

The City of Lawrence sells 95-gallon yard waste carts to be used for weekly yard waste collection days. The carts can be purchased by any household that receives Lawrence Solid Waste collection services. The yard waste carts are designed with vents to prevent strong odors from stored yard waste materials such as grass, leaves, and woody debris. These brown carts are for yard waste collection only; no trash, please.

Cost: $60 each+tax – This can be a one time payment, six monthly payments of $10+tax, OR 12 monthly payments of $5+tax – billed to your City Utility account.
Dimensions: 45.1″ x 33.7″ x 28.7″

For information about the City’s yard waste program including collection schedule and types of set-out containers allowed, visit our Curbside Collection of Yard Waste page.


Benefits of Yard Waste Carts:

  • Yard waste carts have a capacity of 330 lbs. (equivalent to six/seven yard waste bags).
  • Easy mobility and wide opening for easy fills.
  • Weatherproof and more durable than paper yard waste bags.
  • Carts are safer, easier and more efficient for residents and city crews.