The Administration Division provides support services and direction for operating the department of Municipal Services and Operations. The division has the responsibilities of budgeting, payroll, human resources, policy development, project management, public information, GIS (Geographic Information Systems) functions, and clerical support.


The clerical staff of the Administration Division is responsible for providing the public with customer service, preparation of service installation contracts, accounts payable, processing orders for water and sewer line locations, and providing clerical support for the divisions of the Department. Clerical responds to thousands of telephone calls, processes applications for water installation taps, prepares payment for approximately 50 to 75 vendors a week, and prepares over 1,000 work orders for water and sewer line locations each year.

Public Outreach

Municipal Services and Operations staff implements programs to inform and educate the public about the purpose and mission of the Department. The department distributes Project Fact Sheets, Service Interruption Notices, and Informational Brochures to inform our customers about treatment issues and regulatory compliance issues. To keep the public informed of our activities, the department will continue to initiate public information meetings, sponsor informational booths at conferences, and conduct facility tours.

Staff Training

Staff training and development is highly supported and promoted within Municipal Services and Operations. Water and Wastewater Plant Operators are required to obtain the Kansas Department of Health and Environment (KDHE) Class II Certification for their field within eighteen (18) months of employment. Other division staff are also encouraged to obtain certifications in their fields.

Phone: 785-832-3123