ecoFlow - Rapid Rainwater Reduction Program

The 2012 Wastewater Master Plan and Capital Improvements Program recommended the implementation of a Rapid Inflow and Infiltration (I/I) Reduction Program.

Inflow and Infiltration are terms used to describe the ways that groundwater and storm water or "clear water" enters the sanitary sewer system. Inflow is surface water that enters the sewer system from yards, roof and footing drains, cross-connections with storm drains, downspouts, and through holes in manhole covers. Infiltration is groundwater that enters sewer pipes through holes, breaks, joint and connection failures, and other openings. The objective of the Rapid I/I Reduction Program is an overall 35% reduction of I/I within the program area. By reducing I/I by 35%, we decrease the need for construction projects that add system capacity within the sewer system and the need for wet weather treatment capacity expansion at the Kaw WWTP.

The Rapid I/I Reduction Program will study, rehabilitate and monitor the public and private sanitary sewer systems in identified areas. The study will include a combination of activities including monitoring of flow levels, smoke testing the sewer lines to locate leaks and cracks, TV inspections to inspect the sewer lines, manhole inspections to determine leaking, and building evaluations to identify improper plumbing connections.

The city has contracted with TREKK Design Group to perform Phase I of the I/I program. The city has begun its initial analysis of certain areas of Lawrence but the entire program is estimated to take eight years to complete. In Phase I alone, the city will smoke test 100,000 feet of sanitary sewers, inspect 501 manholes for defects, and complete 17,400 feet of inspections through closed-circuit television, and evaluate 1,450 buildings.

Throughout the Rapid I/I Reduction Program, city staff and TREKK project managers will notify residents in areas where activities are taking place through door hanger notifications, signage, and assure that all employees and vehicles are clearly identifiable. As the building evaluations begin later this year, City staff and TREKK project managers will work closely with property owners to determine any plumbing corrections that are needed, as well as have staff be available for any questions or concerns that may arise.

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