How do I establish utility service with the City of Lawrence?

Water, Sewer, Sanitation, and Stormwater services can be established several ways: by internet, by phone, or in person. See our Establishing Service page for more detailed information including phone number and address.


Can I have my water turned off during the weekend?

No, water is only turned off during regular working hours. In addition, it is necessary for our customers to provide at least 3 business days notice prior to disconnection. This allows us to ensure the water is turned off on the date requested.


How many days do I have to pay my utility bill?

Your utility bill is due 20 days from the billing date.


When are past due notices sent out?

If your bill is overdue, a “Notice of Delinquent Account” will be included in your next bill. The past due amount will be listed on the bill, as well as the date payment must be received by to avoid disconnection of water service.


Do I have a leak?

Check the water usage on your bill. If it is higher than normal, can it be justified? Have you watered your lawn or ran the washing machine more than normal? If not, you may have a leak. To determine if you have a leak, you might begin by checking places where leaks occur most often (i.e. toilets, inside/outside faucets, washing machines). A leak the size of a pinhead can cause a loss of 3,600 gallons per month.


Put several drops of dark food coloring in the tank of your toilet. If dye appears in the bowl, replace the valve seal ball and/or the flapper at the bottom of the tank. These should be replaced at least every couple of years.


How is sanitary sewer usage determined?

Charges for sanitary sewer usage are based on your water consumption. For residential customers, after you have lived at your address through the winter, the sewer charge will be based on your water consumption during the “winter quarter”.


Residential sewer customers are charged based on actual water usage for the billing periods falling in the months of December, January and February (winter quarter) with the charge of the months of March through February based on the average usage for the previous winter quarter.


If you have not lived at your current residence long enough to establish a winter quarter average, your sewage charge is based on the amount of water consumed each month. All non-residential customers are charged based on monthly water use.


What should I do if I think my water usage is too high?

Each person in a household typically uses 2,000 gallons of water per month. Therefore, an average four-person household uses approximately 8,000 gallons of water per month. This excludes any outside watering that you may do to your flowers or lawn.


If you have been at your current address for at least one year, you can look at the past history on your bill to determine what the usage was for the same period during the previous year. If your bill is higher than normal, then you should check for leaks (see above).


Is my meter reading estimated?

Each meter is read every month. Only under extreme circumstances, such as severely low temperatures and/or snow, are water meters not read. In cases where the water meter reading is estimated, an “E” will appear on your utility bill under the “EST.” column.


Can I receive my bill by e-mail?

Yes. The City of Lawrence offers an e-billing option to receive your monthly statement by e-mail only. Click here to change your preferences.


Why do we have a Stormwater Utility fee?

In 1993, a Stormwater Task Force was formed to find solutions to decades of flooding problems in Lawrence. After several years of planning, the City Commission established this fee to provide funding for maintenance and improvements to the storm sewer system.

When am I eligible to have my deposit refunded?

  • The City reserves the right to retain deposits indefinitely to assure payment of utility charges. However, the City will automatically apply the deposit balance to the final bill at termination of services and refund any remaining credit.
  • Customers can request their deposit be refunded in the following situations provided the account is at a zero balance. This request must either be made via phone call, email request, or in person at the Utility Billing window at City Hall.
    • For residential customers, after 18 consecutive months of payments received on time and without instances of returned payments of any type.
    • For commercial or multi-family customers, after 36 consecutive months of payments received on time and without instances of returned payments of any type.
  • Refunded deposits will be applied to outstanding or future utility charges. If the customer has an active account, credit balances will be transferred to their active utility account. No refund checks will be issued for amounts less than $5.00.