Utility Billing 101

Welcome to Lawrence! Your City of Lawrence Utility Bill includes charges for water, sewer, solid waste and storm water services. The following is a brief explanation of your Lawrence Utility Bill and our policies.

Other Utilities

Find out about other utility services in the Lawrence area.

Who to Contact

Billing questions 832-7878
Water Emergency (after hours/weekend only) 832-7800
Non-bill related questions/problems
Water 832-7800
Sewer 832-7800
Solid Waste 832-3032
Storm water 832-3123
Recycling 832-3030



Monthly charge is based on actual usage and meter size.



Monthly charge is based on water usage. After one year of continual service at a location, the charge is based on the average winter water usage (to ex-clude summer lawn watering).


Storm water

Monthly charge is based on the area of land covered by a building and/or paved area.


Solid Waste (trash pickup)

The residential monthly solid waste fee pays for trash and yard waste collection, household hazardous waste disposal service, drop-off recycling locations and other solid waste services. The fee varies depending on the trash cart size (95, 65, or 35-gallon) each household selects. The com-mercial monthly solid waste fee pays for trash collection and recycling services for corrugated cardboard and office paper.

Visit the Solid Waste Division for the following:

  • Collection guidelines for residential trash collection
  • Collection guidelines for residential yard waste collected
  • Household Hazardous Waste Program information for Douglas County households
  • Recycling drop-off locations

Paying your bill

  • Auto bill (deduction from checking account on due date)
  • By mail (plan ahead, allow 3-5 business days for processing)
  • Credit card (By phone 1-877-506-3115 or through our Online Payment System). VISA, Discover and MasterCard accepted.
  • Drop boxes are located East of City Hall between the Riverfront Mall and City Hall and in the foyer of the east entrance of City Hall (8:00am – 5:00pm, Mon-Fri). Please allow two full business days for processing.

If you pay late…

  • A 2% late charge applies after the due date
  • Renters are charged an additional deposit, equal to twice their average monthly bill, if the bill becomes delinquent
  • Water service is subject to discontinuation 20 days after the bill is due
  • Restoring service involves paying all past due bills, reconnection fees, and unpaid deposits
  • Checks or drafts returned for any reason are subject to late penalties plus an additional fee
  • A trip charge is applied to your account if a collection related trip is made to your residence/business

If you move

Please notify us in advance of move date at lawrenceks.org/utility_billing by phone Monday thru Friday, 8am-5pm at 832-7878, by mail at PO Box 708, Lawrence, KS 66044-0708, or by fax at 832-3231.