The majority of fire deaths happen in the home.

Lawrence-Douglas County Fire Medical wants to help minimize the potential for these fires by offering Home Fire Safety Inspections. This program is to assist residents of the City of Lawrence in making their homes safer and reduce the possibility of a devastating fire. Lawrence-Douglas County Fire Medical strongly encourage all homeowners to conduct a fire safety inspection annually of their homes.


To complete a fire safety inspection of your own.

  • Please use the Home Fire Safety Inspection Checklist to assist you in making your home a safer place for you and your family.
  • When conducting a fire safety inspection:
    • start on the outside of your home and work your way inside
    • Walk around and through your home looking carefully for all potential hazards.
    • List the deficiencies on the form and take necessary steps to correct them as soon as possible.
  • For more safety information visit, National Fire Protection Agency at:
  • For more safety tips from Lawrence-Douglas County Fire Medical, visit our Safety Tips page.

Request a Home Safety Inspection by Lawrence-Douglas County Fire Medical

Lawrence-Douglas County Fire Medical would be happy to perform a Home Fire Safety Inspection, free of charge to the residence of the City of Lawrence.

What should I expect during my safety inspection?

  • Firefighters will check your home and offer fire safety tips and suggestions to safe guard your family from the treat of fire.
  • The fire safety inspection will be conducted by your neighborhood fire station.
  • The fire safety inspection typically last less than an hour.
  • An adult must be present during the inspection.
  • A copy of the inspection findings will be given to the resident along with suggestions.
  • A follow-up appointment may be requested.
  • To schedule a Home Fire Safety Inspection, call (785) 830-7000 or fill out this request: Home Fire Safety Inspection Request Form

Our goal in providing this service is to make sure that your home is as free of fire hazards as possible.

Contact Information:

For questions regarding the program, please call the Administration Office at (785) 830-7000 or email: Chris King, Division Chief, Prevention Division,