ISO Public Protection Classification


The ISO Public Protection Class (PPC) program provides important, up-to-date information about municipal fire-protection services throughout the country. A community’s investment in fire mitigation is a proven and reliable predictor of future fire losses. Insurance companies use PPC information to help establish fair premiums for fire insurance, generally offering lower premiums in communities with better protection.

LDCFM Public Protection Classification (PPC) Summary Report (Effective 04/01/2023)

City of Lawrence PPC

If you live within the city limits of Lawrence, Kansas, your protection class rating is one (1).


Douglas County PPC

If you live in Douglas County but outside of Lawrence city limits, your protection class is determined by distance to the nearest responding fire station and the availability of water supplies for fire suppression. Generally, unincorporated areas are class ten (10) unless they are within five (5) miles of a fire station, which is a class nine (9).

For questions about your PPC rating, please contact:

Prevention Chief Chris King
Office: (785) 830-7003