Mission Statement:

Committed to Saving and Protecting Lives and Property


Our Values:






Our Vision:

We envision that by 2020, Lawrence-Douglas County Fire Medical will remain recognized as an internationally accredited industry leader in emergency services providing the most effective proficient and efficient fire medical services to our community. We want to be viewed by others as a community oriented emergency service organization, which values compassion, respect, diversity, teamwork, leadership and professionalism.

Our work force planning efforts will ensure quality recruitment and retention of fire and medical staff necessary to deliver the core programs required to effectively serve the communities of Lawrence and Douglas County. With improved comprehensive training programs and through the use of contemporary organizational standards and practices we will insure consistency and success in the delivery of the Lawrence-Douglas County Fire Medical mission.

Embracing advances in technology where appropriate, the efficiency and effectiveness of our operations will continue to improve. Through improved understanding of our supporting service agencies’ capabilities, and by continuously improving our partnership with those agencies, we will maximize the efficiency of resources management in service delivery. We will monitor the condition of our physical assets and infrastructure and make improvements as necessary when resources allow.

We strive to exceed the expectations of our community, and we vow to continue holding one another accountable for carrying out our mission, living our values, and seeing this vision become reality.