Statement from Mayor Jennifer Ananda on coronavirus (COVID-19)

Porter ArneillCity, City Commission

As previously shared during the City Commission meeting on Tuesday, May 5. 

I want to start tonight’s meeting with a few comments.

First, I want to say thank you to everyone who has done their part in in helping minimize the curve in the midst of this pandemic and keeping our community as safe as possible. Everyone’s efforts of social distancing, staying home, and wearing face coverings, have helped lessen the impact of COVID19 in our community.

Whether folks have been volunteering their time or efforts or making and donating masks, checking on friends and neighbors, or doing work on the front lines as an essential worker,  I have been overwhelmed by the kindness and resiliency that I’ve witnessed myself or through others’ stories in this community. You have responded and helped us flatten the curve and protect our community. We are indeed living up to our reputation of #riselawrence, as we have done so many times before. While, as Governor Kelly said in her April 30 briefing, “I don’t know if life will ever truly go back to normal,” I believe that Lawrence will remain the same in spirit and drive and innovation, and we will be an example to our great state of the power of community, the wisdom of collaborative effort, and the success of protecting or strongest assets – our residents, our local businesses, and our identity.

Our city manager, Craig Owens, and our city staff have been working closely with numerous community partners as part of the Unified Command to both respond to the crisis and begin planning an incrementally phased reopening process so we can move toward some sense of normalcy and recovery.

We have to remain smart and diligent so that our good efforts will continue to move us through this crisis effectively. I am confident that we can do this! Let’s all stay safe together by making temporary, small sacrifices, so that in the long term our entire community will thrive.