Community Police Review Board

Kevin Powell

The Community Police Review Board was established in 2018 for the purpose of advising the Governing Body of the City of Lawrence, Kansas, regarding issues affecting the Lawrence Police Department, its policies, education, community outreach and communications related to racial or other bias-based policing. The Board provides an independent, accessible, and efficient means for which the public may submit a complaint of alleged police misconduct in a confidential manner. The Board also assists in reviewing completed racial or other bias-based policing investigations, in accordance with Chapter 1, Article 25 of the City Code, that are conducted by the police department, when appropriately appealed by a complainant.

Chapter 1, Article 25 of the City Code establishes qualifications for Board members and requires members to participate in training related to the Kansas Open Records Act and Kansas Open Meetings Act, as well as racial or other bias-based policing training soon after appointment to the Board. The City Manager may recommend additional training topics.

Bylaws – Revised/Adopted 03/26/19

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The meeting dates for 2019 are listed below. All meetings will start at 7:00 p.m. and be held in the City Commission Room, First Floor of City Hall, unless otherwise noted.

  • 01/24/19, 01/31/19 – CANCELED
  • 03/26/19, 03/28/19 – CANCELED
  • 07/11/17, 07/17/19 (if needed)
  • 10/10/19, 10/16/19 (if needed)

For information on filing a complaint, click here