Pursuant to K.S.A. 12-1801 and Chapter 16, Article 2 of the City of Lawrence Code, sidewalk maintenance is the responsibility of the adjacent property owner. The sidewalk Hazard Mitigation Program was established to assist residents in meeting their legal requirements.

For 2019, the City selected and inspected zone 1 (map) ─ basically, the area of Lawrence West of Wakarusa Dr. and North of Bob Billings Parkway. The zone for 2020 will be identified later in 2019.

Section 16-105 – No owner of property having a sidewalk adjacent thereto shall permit… any segment of such sidewalk to be raised above the established level of such sidewalk more than a half inch, in any manner which might catch the foot of a pedestrian, or to permit any holes or depressions to occur in the sidewalk in which a pedestrian might step or catch their foot in a manner to cause injury”.

Notices for sidewalk hazards are sent to all property owners within the geographic boundaries of zone 1 that have been identified as having a hazardous sidewalk (example letter). The GIS Hazard map linked below includes interactive markers that indicate where hazardous sidewalks are located and provides photographs.

As part of this program, the city is repairing sidewalks it’s responsible for. All sidewalk repairs or replacement must meet the City’s specifications:

All City standards can be found at Municipal Services and Operations Technical Resources. The city sought bids and awarded the contract to Paul McAnany of McAnany Concrete, LLC. Questions about repairs should be directed to the Contractor:


Paul McAnany
(913) 406-7691

If you have questions, contact Municipal Services and Operations

(785) 832-3123 Send Email

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