The Sidewalk Mitigation Hazard Program is an eight-year, city-wide sidewalk improvement program set to begin in 2019. As part of this program, eight areas of the city, or “zones,” have been identified and will be inspected individually on an annual basis. Each year the City will select one of the eight remaining zones for inspection. For 2019, the City has selected zone 1 ─ basically, the area of Lawrence West of Wakarusa Dr. and North of Bob Billings Parkway. Later in 2019 the zone for 2020 will be identified. Sidewalk Hazard Program Administrative Policy 117 (accessible version).

Notices for sidewalk hazards will be sent to all property owners within the geographic boundaries of zone 1 that have been identified as having a hazardous sidewalk on March 11, 2019 (example letter).  The map below includes interactive markers that indicate where hazardous sidewalks are located and provides photographs.

As part of this program, all sidewalk repairs or replacement must meet the City’s specifications.

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