City of Lawrence to receive $1.5M from KDOT for Lawrence Loop

Maureen BradyCity, Construction, Municipal Services and Operations, Parks & Recreation

The Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT) has agreed to provide the City of Lawrence $1,500,000 for the Iowa Street Crossing project, which is part of the Lawrence Loop. The KDOT funds will provide 50% of construction costs, and the City will provide the other half.

The Iowa Street Crossing is at the southern end of Iowa St. where it intersects under K-10. Improving this crossing is part of the City’s efforts to implement the Lawrence Bikes Plan Priority Network, which improves comfort for people walking and wheeling throughout the community. The project will include a grade-separated crossing, likely meaning either a bridge or tunnel. Concepts are being developed and will be fully vetted in the design phase.

Work will be completed as part of KDOT’s South Lawrence Trafficway project, which will begin in June 2024. It is not yet known when construction for the Iowa Street Crossing will begin. As more information is available, the City will share updates.

In addition to construction costs, KDOT has agreed to fund the design of the project, which is an additional $248,000. Both the City and KDOT recognize the value of completing this priority bikeway project along with the expansion of the South Lawrence Trafficway.

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