Board and Commissions Realignment


In 2022, the City Commission asked for a plan to help better align the City’s volunteer boards and commissions to the work of the strategic plan. This is the next step in the strategic planning process and will help ensure that the City’s desired outcomes, commitments, and priorities are driving all the work that we do.  

Formed in December 2022, the Boards and Commissions Structure Committee has been charged with developing recommendations that limit the number of boards to no more than 10 (not inclusive of those boards required by statute or state law). The Committee has also been asked to outline a process of transition from the current boards and commissions structure to the new configuration. The Committee will also provide recommendations around how advisory board recommendations are made, how agendas are prepared, authority and responsibility for on-boarding or orientation of board members, and the role, authority, duties, and responsibilities of City staff.  

The Boards and Commissions Structure Committee is composed of eight members, seven of whom currently serve on a board or a commission and one member of the general public. The Committee has met five times between January and April 2023. Early in their process, the Committee released two digital questionnaires: one to existing board chairs and members and another to current staff liaisons. The questionnaires solicited input from both groups on what works well within the current board and commission structure and areas for improvement.  This data was discussed in depth during the February 9, 2023 meeting and will continue to be used to structure the recommendations of the Committee.   

Draft Proposal (June-October 2023)

Since reviewing the results of the questionnaire, the Committee has carefully reviewed and discussed the City’s strategic plan and the current scope and charge of all boards and commissions that are not statutorily or legally required. Each relevant board and commission has been sorted into an outcome or commitment area to which it is most closely aligned in terms of mission, goals, and activities. The proposed sorting of current boards and commissions by outcome and commitment area can be viewed here 

Draft policies and procedures for the new boards and commissions structure can be viewed here

The Board and Commissions Structure Committee is now seeking feedback on this proposal via a digital questionnaire and two public meetings. Given the possibility that boards and commissions sorted into a particular outcome or commitment area might be combined as part of this process, the Committee is eager to hear from the community regarding the proposed structure. Information shared during the engagement sessions and/or in the questionnaire will be made available to the Committee, the City Commission, and the public.   

Engagement Opportunities:

We appreciate your participation and engagement with this important issue.  

Formal Recommendations (to be considered by City Commission on Nov. 21, 2023)

After numerous rounds of revisions based on input received from the community, the BCSC will forward their formal recommendations for board and commission realignment to the City Commission for consideration at their November 21, 2023 meeting. The public will have an opportunity to provide comment on the recommendations at the 11/21 City Commission meeting. The formal recommendations can be viewed here.