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Community Engagement

The way in which we accomplish the work set out in the Strategic Plan is as important as the outcomes. As one of the six commitments in the Strategic Plan, Community Engagement plays a vital role in how we will work with the whole community to, " Listen, share, and engage with our community to drive action and build trust in City government."

The information below includes links to current and recent Community Engagement programs. Each link will take you to more information and resources related to each of the Community Engagement programs.

For questions, please reach out to the Communications & Creative Resources office, or 785-832-3411.

Current Community Engagements

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Featured image for “Bus Route Redesign”

Bus Route Redesign

City and university bus routes are being redesigned to align with the new multimodal transfer facility. More information:…
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Featured image for “Climate Action Plan”

Climate Action Plan

Lawrence and Douglas County are taking climate action! Join us in our efforts to make our community better equipped to…
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Featured image for “East Lawrence Neighborhood Plan”

East Lawrence Neighborhood Plan

In 2021, the Planning Commission authorized the Planning & Development Services Department to create neighborhood plans to incorporate into the…
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Featured image for “Field Operations Campus”

Field Operations Campus

The City of Lawrence is currently in the conceptual and preliminary design phase for a new Field Operations Campus project,…
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Featured image for “Jayhawk Watershed”

Jayhawk Watershed

The City and JEO Consulting Group are beginning the planning and design efforts for the Jayhawk Watershed Stormwater Project, and…
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Featured image for “Land Development Code Update”

Land Development Code Update

Background The City’s current Land Development Code was adopted in July 2006 and reflects the community’s values and expectations as…
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Featured image for “Parklets”


The Community Engagement process for this phase of the project was completed on October 15, 2021. Thanks to everyone who…
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Featured image for “Pedestrian Plan”

Pedestrian Plan

Pedestrian Plan, Improving Walkability One Step at a Time The Lawrence Pedestrian Plan is being updated to establish a renewed…
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Featured image for “Proposed Government Restructure”

Proposed Government Restructure

 Introduction and Background In 2021, the City Commission worked with City staff to assemble a City Government Study Task…
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Featured image for “Public Participation Plan”

Public Participation Plan

The Lawrence – Douglas County Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) and Lawrence Transit jointly developed a Public Participation Plan, which serves as…
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Featured image for “Revised Western Development Plan”

Revised Western Development Plan

The West of K-10 Plan was adopted in 2009 and was revised in 2015 and 2021. Now that the comprehensive…
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Featured image for “Transit Facility”

Transit Facility

Lawrence Transit is developing a multimodal transfer facility on university property at Bob Billings & Crestline Drive. More information:…
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Featured image for “Transportation 2050”

Transportation 2050

Planning is underway for the creation of Transportation 2050 (T2050) which will be a blueprint for the future transportation system…
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Featured image for “Wakarusa Drive”

Wakarusa Drive

Wakarusa Drive from Clinton Parkway to Research Park Way Upcoming Event Wednesday, November 3, 2021 from 5:30-7:00 PM, at Brandon Woods…
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