With the Fourth of July holiday drawing near, the Lawrence Douglas County Fire Medical Department reminds the public that only novelty items are permitted in the City of Lawrence.

Several acceptable items are available for families celebrations. The list of novelty items includes;

  • Party poppers - small items not more than .25 grains of explosive with a string protruding from the device that is usually pulled to ignite.
  • Snapper - small paper wrapped item with no more than .02 grains of explosive that, when dropped, the device explodes.
  • Snakes, glow worms - produces a snake-like ash upon burning.
  • Sparklers - Wire or stick coated with pyrotechnic material that ignites to produce a shower of sparks (sparklers are only permitted in Lawrence the from June 27- July 5 as part of the State permitted items).
  • Toy caps - toy plastic or paper caps for toys in sheets, strips, rolls or individual.
  • Toy smoke devices - produce smoke only and with a limited amount of pyrotechnic material.

"Novelty items contain a limited amount of pyrotechnic material and are not mobile," explains Eve Tolefree, Fire-Medical Division Chief. "The community-sponsored display at Burcham Park is a great opportunity to enjoy fireworks. Conducted by licensed pyrotechnicians, the professional display has taken in to account spectator safety and the proximity of combustibles."

City of Lawrence Ordinance 7594 states that the use, possession, handling and sale of fireworks are prohibited with the exception of the use of fireworks for display is allowed as set forth in for supervised public displays.

City of Lawrence Ordinance 8802 amends the 2012 IFC Section 5601.1.1(b) to make it unlawful to ignite or otherwise use aerial luminaries.

Visit the web site of Douglas County Zoning and Codes to learn about Firework Regulations for the Unincorp. Territory of Douglas County.