New Publications

The City has created two new publications to offer residents an easy way to learn what is allowed when it comes to urban agriculture. These resources will equip residents with knowledge to successfully practice urban food production and be a good neighbor.

Urban Ag 101

11-page booklet with flow-charts and key contact information.

Policy Summary

One-page brochure summarizing key elements and regulations.

City Policies Supporting Urban Ag

The City of Lawrence has approved a series of policies to support urban agriculture, expanding the ability of residents to produce local, healthy food at home and creating opportunities to pursue commercial production.

The City of Lawrence encourages all residents practicing urban agriculture to conduct their activities responsibly and in a manner that does not negatively impact their neighbors. For example, gardeners need to maintain their garden areas to prevent runoff, such as water, mud, or fertilizer, from flowing onto a neighbor’s property after a rainy day. Animal areas must be maintained in a clean and sanitary manner. Compost piles should be properly managed to not attract vermin or produce bad smells.

A wealth of resources, trainings, and experts exist within our community to ensure all can develop the skills to successfully pursue urban agriculture. See the Community Resource section below for an overview of where to look to have questions answered and find trainings to support urban agriculture in Lawrence.

The City of Lawrence Land Development Code now defines:

  • What practices residents can do “by-right”
  • What regulations limit those practices based upon zoning, lot size, etc.
  • An “Urban Farm” Special Use Permit for activities that exceed the allowed practices
  • The way urban ag regulations will be enforced

Remember: Regardless of your urban agriculture activities, it is always important to respect your neighbors. Maintain open communication that builds positive relationships. For example, all garden areas.

Additional Information and Resources