Goals and Objectives

The goal of the Lawrence Police Department is to be the number one police organization.

The Lawrence Police Department will strive to provide the citizens of Lawrence with the most community focused, efficient and effective police service available within the confines of existing resources.

The Lawrence Police Department will attain its goal by the following objectives. We will:

Have innovative, honest, responsive leadership. The staff should never be satisfied with the status quo, but always seek ways to improve all of the department’s operations. The staff will set the tone of professionalism, integrity, hard work and receptivity to change. Perfection will be expected.

Provide realistic departmental guidelines and policies.

Recruit and retain the best possible police officers.

Provide quality training for every entry level of the organization.

Promote police conduct that is responsive and sensitive to the needs of the community.

Require aggressive crime fighting to improve the utilization of patrol and investigative resources in the identification, arrest, and conviction of individuals committing criminal activity within our jurisdiction.

Require a professional work ethic and professional work product by officers engaged in routine police duties, and preliminary and follow-up investigations.

Enhance the role of department personnel in the planning and development process.

Recognize exceptional work by police employees.

Stress the responsibility of all employees to be accountable to the department and the community for all his/her actions.