The Finance Department is responsible for the administration, direction, and coordination of all financial services of the City. Financial planning, budgeting, treasury management, investments, accounting, purchasing, payroll, accounts payable, and utility billing are all functions of the Finance Department.

Financial Management

The Financial Management division is responsible for the cash management and accounting functions for all funds received and expended by the City. The responsibilities of the finance department include budget administration, debt management, purchasing, payroll, accounts receivable, account payable, and investment management.

Utility Billing

The Utility Billing division of Finance is responsible for the billing of water, sewer, stormwater and trash services. Other responsibilities of the Utility Billing division include water turn-on and turn-offs, meter reading, bill collections, account transfers, and refunds.

The City provides water, sewer, trash and stormwater services. All four are billed on a single monthly statement, your City of Lawrence Utility Bill. The Utility Billing and Collections Office is a division of the Department of Finance. Utility Billing is responsible for the billing and collection services for all utility services provided by the City. Functions performed by this division include water service turn-on and turn-offs, meter reading, billing, collections, account transfers and refunds.