In 1996, the Lawrence Parks and Recreation Department continued its commitment to the citizens of Lawrence through the establishment of the Wee Folks Scholarship Fund.

The Wee Folks Scholarship Fund guarantees youth the opportunity to participate in department activities and programs regardless of economic condition and ensures their participation in activities that have a positive impact on their personal development.

Donations to the Wee Folks Scholarship Fund go directly to scholarships for youth (with and without disabilities) to participate in department activities, programs and camps.

Lawrence Parks and Recreation is committed to providing an outlet for youth to participate and develop positive, life-enhancing skills, which will help keep them out of trouble and from developing behaviors that endanger themselves and others.

Your gift to the Wee Folks Scholarship Fund will ensure the department’s mission to “never turn a child away, for the inability to pay.”

For more information or to make a contribution, contact:

Lawrence Parks & Recreation Department

    1. P.O. Box 708
    1. Lawrence KS 66044
    1. (785) 832-3450


Wee Folks Scholarships are available for youth and special population participants who meet specific guidelines. A separate Scholarship Application must be submitted at the time of enrollment. Scholarships must be applied for at the LPRD Administrative office located at 1141 Massachusetts St.

Classes that are co-sponsored and designated trips are not eligible for scholarship awards. For more information contact us at (785) 832-3450.