Transportation 2050 – Amendment 1 Draft – Public Comment Period September 6-22. To be considered by MPO Policy Board on October 19th.

Transportation 2050 (T2050) is the blueprint for the future transportation system of Lawrence, Eudora, Baldwin City, Lecompton, and unincorporated areas of Douglas County. T2050 sets regional goals and improvement recommendations for all modes of transportation (automobile, public transit, bicycle, pedestrian, etc.) to meet the region’s future transportation needs through 2050. Financial resources to implement this plan are identified, ensuring it is financially realistic and projects selected for implementation can be afforded.  

T2040 Performance Measures
Transportation 2050 Plan

Performance Measures

Major Thoroughfares Map
Transportation 2050 was adopted by the MPO Policy Board on March 16, 2023.
Planning Process
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