Route Redesign – Spring 2021

The MPO and Lawrence Transit are working on a consultant lead route redesign project.

Visit the project webpage to learn more.

Bus Transfer Location Analysis

This study builds upon previous efforts to identify a location where a bus transfer location would be most beneficial to the city making the transit system more efficient.  After following a strategic public engagement process and determining site goals and criteria potential sites were selected.

Bus Transfer Location Analysis
(Approved by the MPO Policy Board on May 17, 2018)

Transit Comprehensive Operations Analysis (COA)

The Lawrence Transit System, in partnership with KU on Wheels, conducted a comprehensive analysis of bus service in Lawrence in 2016. This study took a detailed look at the city’s existing bus services and provided recommendations for improving service to meet the needs of both city residents and university students.

The Lawrence Transit Study’s goals included:

  • Making sure Lawrence Transit and KU on Wheels’ services meet and support growing community needs.
  • Making the bus an attractive option for more people in our community. Study recommendations will include finding ways to increase bus ridership.
  • Ensuring Lawrence Transit and KU on Wheels’ services continue to operate in the most cost effective and efficient way possible.

Visit the project webpage to learn more about the study.

Coordinated Public Transit–Human Services Transportation Plan (CPT-HSTP)

The MPO and the Regional Transit Advisory Committee (RTAC) developed a CPT-HSTP for Douglas County, as required by federal laws and regulations governing the MPO planning process. This plan outlines how providers can most efficiently and effectively work together to improve mobility for individuals with special transportation needs.

Coordinated Public Transit –Human Services Transportation Plan for Douglas County
(Approved by the MPO Policy Board on July 21, 2016)

2016 Annual Summary of the CPT-HSTP Goals and Strategies

2017-2018 Biennial Summary of the CPT-HSTP Goals and Strategies

Lawrence Transit’s website provides a list of Douglas County transportation providers.

Coordinated Transit District (CTD #1) Urban Corridor Coordinated Public Transit and Human Services Transportation Plan (Coordinated Plan)

The Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT) developed this plan in December 2018. View other KDOT public transit information at

Fixed-Route Transit & Pedestrian Accessibility Study

This study was completed as a part of the Multimodal Planning Studies approved by the MPO Policy Board on March 20, 2014.

Executive Summary – Fixed-Route Transit & Pedestrian Accessibility Study

Report – Fixed-Route Transit & Pedestrian Accessibility Study

Lawrence Transit’s website