The City of Lawrence’s Neighborhood Traffic Management Program, which was established via Resolution 7272, is a comprehensive initiative that aims to maintain or improve existing neighborhood environments through the application of the 5 Es; Education, Encouragement, Enforcement, Evaluation and Engineering.

Program Efforts

The Neighborhood Traffic Management Program uses a comprehensive approach to address unsafe driving on the City’s neighborhood streets:

  • Speed limit reductions on many neighborhood streets
  • Community outreach and media campaign
  • Traffic law enforcement and education
  • Temporary engineering solutions
  • Evaluation with each approach

Neighborhood Traffic Management Pilot Program

Lawrence is taking a fresh approach to addressing traffic-related concerns within residential areas throughout the city. This pilot program aims to improve the quality of life by reducing speeding and cut-through traffic on local and collector streets. Other concerns related to traffic safety involving pedestrians, bicyclists and motorists may also be addressed with this program.

Managing local traffic to enhance safety can be accomplished through a wide range of strategies including enforcement, education or physical infrastructure changes. Tools to involve in these strategies include automated speed radar signs, curb extensions/neckdowns, chicanes, speed cushions, traffic circles or mini-roundabouts, raised pedestrian crosswalks, signage, and more. Each of these strategies and tools are evaluated on a case-by-case basis and will consider type of street, surrounding land use, and existing traffic volumes of all modes.

Safer Neighborhood Speeds Campaign

The City of Lawrence launched the Safer Neighborhood Speeds education campaign in January 2021. The campaign’s overarching goal is to improve safety on neighborhood streets in Lawrence and focuses on reminding people driving to slow down, look out for others, and stop for people wanting to cross the street.

Residents who would like to help spread the word can pick up one yard sign or poster, plus a reflective sticker, at these Parks & Rec Centers (during normal hours) while supplies last, beginning January 25:

Participating community organizations are also helping to distribute Safer Speeds materials. Your neighborhood association members, colleagues, and other community groups may have yard signs, posters, or stickers available for you, too.

The City is partnering with campaign ambassadors – people who would like to help distribute materials to their neighborhoods or groups. If you’re interested in becoming a campaign ambassador, fill out the Safer Neighborhood Speeds Interest Form and a campaign team member will reach out.

Neighborhood Streets Speed Limit Reduction

The City is installing and implementing 25 mph speed limit signs on all neighborhood streets in Lawrence that are not already posted at 25 mph or less. The interactive map below shows all streets that will be changing to 25 mph, as well as streets that will continue to be 25 mph and 20 mph.

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Frequently Asked Questions